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FUNA Network Global
FUNA Network is a new technology, artificial intelligence chip maker and its integration in blockchain network with metaverse world.
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Info Funa Token
Name: 'Funa Network',
symbol: 'FUNA',
Contract: [
Total Supply:[''],
Decimals: [18],
index Price: '0.0000008 USD',
Network: ['BEP20']
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Main advantages
Connect our AI to your exchange account and invest crypto automatically. Toka app work while you just live.
Info Token burning
This process is done continuously 30% of transaction fees will be paid to miners and 70% will be spent on burning tokens. { In this case, we have reduced the transaction fee rate } while on the other hand, we have increased the token rate, and this creates a balance between mining and pool liquidity.
Metaverse project lands
Our Metavars project lands in the same dimensions include another 500 sections. This project will be implemented after the full release of the FUNA token and the activation of the FUNA network. The lands of this project are in different dimensions and have default names that the owner can change the name and all its details after becoming the owner.
Bubbles and Developers
The bubbles that are circulating in this axis will be provided to the developers with an expandable structure and an open source and with the expansion of the coordination system between the chains of this network, we will be able to achieve strong and growing bonds.
Token Scattering
40% of the FUNA tokens are in the wallets of major exchanges and 60% of the tokens are owned by the FUNA company, 30% of which are distributed to the public, and finally the FUNA company will own 30% of the total tokens.
FUNA market security
Due to the regular distribution of this token, The possibility of error and fraud in the market is eliminated, and the security of the market of each stock arises from its dispersion
project progress
Funa company is progressing by providing new services and artificial intelligence chips, and now that it is pursuing these goals with blockchain and metaverse infrastructure, it will unconsciously enter the circle of further progress.
Funa transactions
Txn Hash Block Age Quantity
funa meta
Integration of Funa
A direct connection between the physical chip of artificial intelligence and the metaverse and the integration of a real world into the Funa metaverse where all creatures form their personalities according to their experiences.

So that no one has the power to change it because they are all contracts with the blockchain infrastructure.
Talent Pool
A mechanism that affects all components of its department and is affected by the effects on its departments.
A system that is directly connected to all its components and succeeds in creating more parts by connecting with its parts.
Funa Token will soon be available on Binance and Kucoin exchanges
40% of FUNA tokens are in the wallets of these exchanges.

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